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Hallowed Candy 1.4 UPDATE
HI ALL! hope you've been enjoying the latest release! here is version 1.4!!!! This latest version fixes a couple of issues; 1. fixed issue where level music co...
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Hallowed Candy version 1.3 Release Date
HELLo Candy fans! YES version 1.3 is just around the corner, and it brings with it, new balancing, a host of cosmetic fixes and polishes, plus a new powerup fo...
BIGGER improvements
Hey folks! so version 1.3 is coming along beautifully, I just wanted to share with you a bit of an update to the "EARN AN EXTRA LIFE" feature. Rather than just...
MEGA UPDATE for Version 1.3
Hey Candy Grabbers! OK so i'll be rolling out a large update soon that adds a bunch of new features and balances to gameplay that will make Hallowed Candy's "la...
Southampton Game Fest
(pictured left to right, Jason Weyham - Tester, Brendan Toy - art and programming, Nikita Penny - Marketing) HELLO EVERYONE! Well we had a super busy weekend ex...
All the Major Updates so far
Hallowed Candy ver 0.5 patch notes Bat Enemy The delay has been increased from when the bat spawns to when the bat attacks from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. The ba...
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The Journey really begins!
Hey All, We're almost ready to get blasting zombies and collecting candy! there's also a new system where you can get some incredibly high scores, but its hard...
Hello World!
Hello all, My first game is almost ready for everyone to play! if you like classic arcade games with high difficulty then this is the game for you. i'll be sur...