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Hallowed Candy ver 0.5 patch notes

Bat Enemy 
The delay has been increased from when the bat spawns to when the bat attacks from 0.5 seconds to 1 second.
The bat has an audio cue when he appears, and a seperate audio cue for when he begins his attack. 
his sprites have been fully updated and he's now a complete asset
The zombies have new spawning animations with audio cues for when they spawn. 
There is now a high score that sets and will stay as the high score until it is beaten.
WASD is now implemented.   
WASD = movement
space = Jump
Right CTRL = shoot

The candy now has an audio cue when it appears. 
the special swirly pop item has a different audio cue for when it appears and when it is collected.  

players can now press "Escape" to quit the game

Hallowed Candy ver 0.7
zombies start with 1 hitpoint that increases to up to 5 hit points depending on what score the player has accumilated
their speed also increases with the higher score.
players can now see the zombies point values as they are killed. 
a fith zombie will spawn after a certain point threshold has been reached

Hallowed Candy can now be played on xbox one & ps4 compatible controllers.
SNES usb controller support removed (it was a tacky cheap controller)  

Hallowed Candy ver 0.9
swirly pop has been replaced with a "cinder" Toffee Apple - more "halloweeny"
chocolate bar added.
Players can now collect three mystic keys that will summon a chest full of candies worth 50,000 points! 

Hallowed Candy Ver 1.2
Point balancing and difficulty adjustments. 
music volume tweaks
new background for the "get ready screen"
fonts changed for the scores to be cleaner. 
Project level LOGO added to the intro/boot up sequence. 


Hallowed Candy ver 1.2.exe 22 MB
Oct 04, 2018

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