Demo ver 4.1 Release & Patch notes

Latest build of the demo is now available!

Below is a list of all the changes/fixes we've implemented.

PATCH NOTES - Bubblegum Zombie Hunter DEMO ver 4.1

- Fixed a crash when exiting the game while leaving a mini-game
- Altered Kaylee’s gum ball sound FX.
- Added "interact icons" above arcade machines.
- Added menu sounds for moving cursor, selecting and cancelling.
- Added control prompt on the map screen to show you can move the arrow to select levels.
- Vending machines prices are now RED if you don't have enough money to buy them & green if you do have enough.
- Removed control layout loading screens.
- Stopped the title screen music from muting when selecting leaderboards

- Fixed collision where players could get stuck in the boxes near the Rad Van.
- Changed the vending machine in the garden to be Bullpop (faster fire rate).
- Altered Maddie's text to better explain Perks and Vending machine usage.
- Added “movement” control prompt to the bedroom.
- Added "shooting" control prompt to the Straw Dummy.
- Added "weapon switch" control prompt for after picking up the flame thrower.

- Crawley's Secret Room puzzle has been updated with a new mechanic.
- Updated Crawley's desk sprite.

- Added a visual income bar & coin animation to the Pub .
- Health bars on buildings and units are now only displayed when damage is taken.
- Upgrading buildings heals units that have spawned from it.
- Control tips now help guide new players in how to play.
- Multiple balances to A.I.
- Arrow Towers buffed.

-Added a "post it note" graphic to the arcade bezel to show controls (xbox).

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Oct 02, 2022

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