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We took some time to interview our Creative Lead, Brendan Toy. Below you'll find the questions and the answers he gave, to give more insight to the development of Bubblegum Zombie Hunter.

About Brendan
Brendan Toy is the Creative Lead for the upcoming video game "Bubblegum Zombie Hunter." He is the mastermind behind the original concept for the game and has played a crucial role in its development and the demo's success.

As Creative Lead, Brendan is responsible for overseeing the creative direction of the game and ensuring that it aligns with the vision and goals of the development team.

What inspired you to create this game?

Good question! The easiest answer I could give is I wanted to create something that I personally would love to play. I think if you don't love what you are making that's an easy road to failure. BGZH was inspired by classics like Zombies ate My Neighbours as well as more modern titles like 'Lollipop Chainsaw.'. 
In addition to drawing inspiration from these sources, I also wanted to create something that looks cute but also has a competent horror component that would scare players when they least expect it and create a unique and thrilling gameplay experience. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of development so far?

I think keeping your scope in check is a hard aspect of it.. every day you see something cool or think "oh man that would be great to put in the game" but a 5 second thought can add 5 weeks of work.. So saying no to really cool things is horrid. 

What has been your favourite part of working on this project?

As an artist, I have found the process of creating the world, atmosphere, and character designs for Gloomhaven and Kaylee & Maddie to be highly enjoyable, especially since coding is not a strength of mine. I am excited for the opportunity to share these wild and unique characters with a wider audience and can't wait for everyone to meet them. 

Can you share any details about the story or gameplay?

Sure; As Kaylee Bu33le, you find yourself in your hometown overrun by zombies, with the internet down. Being a streamer with sub goals to meet, this is not a desirable situation for Kaylee. So, she and her sister Maddie set out across town to fight the zombie hordes and restore the internet connection, all while trying to save their friends as well. You'll get to use cool weapons, perk machines, and will have to search for secrets, solve puzzles, and experience some truly terrifying moments.

How has the project evolved since you first started development?

It's crazy how far we've come - I initially coded the prototype, despite not being a programmer, and though it was rough, it was enough to spark my friend Karl's interest. I'm now just focusing on art, but the game is so much stronger thanks to Karl taking over programming. His approach to design with level layouts and functionality is world class, and I don't know if I could have gotten this far without him.

What have you learned during the development process?

During the development process, I have learned that the simplest things can often take the longest time to implement and can also completely derail the entire game if something goes wrong. It's a frustrating, but important, lesson to keep in mind while working on a game dev.
Additionally, I have learned that marketing can be a major challenge, as there are many people who will want a piece of your pie, and it can be difficult to get noticed in a crowded market. Overall, the development process has taught me to be patient, persistent, and to always be prepared for unexpected challenges.

Are there any Easter eggs or secrets that you can hint at?

There are plenty of secrets scattered throughout the game, including some in our current demo. In addition to the main objective, there is a hidden secret within the Gloomhaven experience that only the most observant and skilled players will be able to discover. Keep an eye out and see if you can uncover it!

How do you balance adding new content with polishing existing features?

Introducing a new weapon into the game can be a balancing act. It's important to consider whether it will be overpowered or if there will be good reasons to choose it over other weapons in the player's inventory. A lot of thought goes into adding gameplay features, and unfortunately, we've had to turn down many ideas.
As for polish, it's a never-ending task. At some point, you have to just let it be and move on, otherwise you could end up tinkering with it forever. I've personally revised the gumball gun sound effect about four times now and I still don't think it's quite right. It's a constant process of refinement.... so yeah..... 

Can you share any updates on the release timeline?

Our target release date is October 2023, but if the opportunity arises for an early access release beforehand, we would definitely consider it. We understand that people are eager to get their hands on the game and, even though it might not be fully polished at that stage, the opportunity to gather feedback from fans would be invaluable for us as developers. Their input has been extremely valuable in the past and has helped us to further grow and improve the project. If we have the chance to gather more feedback, we would definitely take it.

Are there any plans for post-release content or updates?

Yes, there will definitely be some expansions in the works. I can't reveal any details at this time, but stay tuned! Personally, I would love to continue supporting the title for as long as the community is interested in more content.

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