Telling the Player they are SAFE!

Zombie Survival Guide: How to be SAFE! 

All areas in Gloomhaven are overrun by Zombies, and most of the world population has been decimated.. The survivors have banded together and learned to live with the ever present threat by following a few tips for survival.


Tip 1: Do not get bit! We each only have 3 lives, so if zombies bite you too many times it'll be game over!
Tip 2: Stock Up! The survivors of the apocalypse have outfitted dozens of locations with assorted perks and weapons. Killing zombies will sometimes drop cool weapons too.
Tip 3: Chill out and listen to Smooth Jazz! The surviving scientists, while unable to reverse the effects of zombification, have discovered something about them - Zombies do NOT like Smooth Jazz and will actively run away from it.


Unfortunately due to the main power grids going out, we can't just blast this anti-zombie music across the whole town.. therefore the survivors have placed Gramophones throughout the town in "Strategic Locations". You'll find them in the School, the hospital, the graveyard and more! Any ROOM that contains a gramophone, most Zombies will not follow you into! (Watch out for "Lurkers" - they appear to be immune to gramophones, but more research is required).


Bubblegum Zombie Hunter for the most part is always deadly. However there are a few areas that we've deemed safe, no zombies will follow you into these areas. They act as a "break in the action" and give us an opportunity to slow things down a little and provide some different gameplay opportunities.  Horror moments, puzzles, a chance for a player to read a note providing some environmental story telling etc. 

We needed a clear way to identify these to the player so we opted for a gramophone and a "SAFE" graphic on the UI.
A gramophone,( in case you are unaware) is an early record player for vinyl records.  it plays a "safe music" track and will be used globally across all levels.  it's easily identifiable, sticks out and will be a sign to the player that they are SAFE while they hear the gramophone and see the graphic pop up on screen.

You'll also notice that the zombies literally will turn away if they are following you. Be sure to use these to your advantage!


Get Bubblegum Zombie Hunter


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This is a really good idea. It's nice to have a moment to catch your breath. One suggestion I have is also have a glowing area around the gramophone to show how far the safe zone extends out. Could help the player better plan there next move.

The safe zones at present are pretty clear cut, always in specific rooms. So the rooms entrance is where the gramophone is effective from. 

We don't plan on having the gramophones out in open areas, they will always be tucked inside smaller rooms :) 

If it causes confusion we can perhaps add a glowing line to the ground to further highlight it. But for now they are sufficient. 

However thank you for that suggestion and that would certainly be a great tool for us to be able to place gramophones out in open areas if we ever needed to do that. Multiplayer survival modes perhaps. 


Thanks for Clarifying! That'll make it much easier to understand.


I wonder how many gramophones exist in the game?! Where are the survivors getting all these ancient resources from? Did they hit up a storage locker or antique store or something?

PS. I dont like Smooth Jazz either.

You don't like smooth jazz? But it could save your life!!!!!!!