Our logo was bad! - Here's why & how we fixed it

Admitting "It's Bad" 

So of course lets look at the OG logo and look at why its bad. 

So as we can see there are a few points here, 
Existing (free to use) fonts were used to create this original logo. Naturally the goal is to get something more custom, so the fonts  were the first big issue to solve, although free to use, they just don't have what it takes to stand out. 

There was also a huge amateur hour error with the green colour (holding my hands up here it was my fault). CMYK is very important if you are planning to have your logo printed. That green on the OG logo is NOT CMYK safe.  When it's printed, it actually comes out as more of a dull olive green. This is because standard CMYK printers can't produce neon colours like that. It is possible, but it requires more specialized printing and it will cost more (not something an indie wants to hear) 
It's always worth designing your logo in CMYK as you will always know it will look right when you get it printed on a shirt or a mug! Don't be a mug like us, check your colours! :) 

Lastly my main issue was with the word "Hunter" it always felt lazily slapped on rather than being a part of the whole design so we needed to get that in there better. 


 Now THIS is much better. The colours are all CMYK safe, the font is 100% custom, we've got gumballs in there, an eye ball in the "O", "Hunter" is now nicely integrated into the logo and has its own unique huntery look.  
It's also worth checking to make sure your logo can work on ANY colour Background, it gives you much more flexibility in the future.
But mainly we've kept the same vibe as the original, just turned everything up to 11. 

This is just to show how you can throw wild colours behind this logo and it still works nicely. 

Here's the sketch before it got made pretty. 

Final Thoughts

It desperately needed doing and although the OG logo was fine and served us well, it was time to move on and embrace the fresh new look. It's better for the game and does a good job in elevating it to something more at a professional level.

Hope you are enjoying BGZH and if you want to come and join us on our socials then be sure to check out https://www.bubblegumzombie.com for all the relevant links!   

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