Voice Lines added in latest update!

Voice lines are always an important part of any story-driven video game.. and Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is no different!

We previously added voice lines to our main character (Kaylee) for things such as collecting weapons, and slaying zombies, and they work perfectly..

We then decided to expand the game and introduce Perks as a mechanic. Now you can Shoot FasterHold more Ammo or even Increase Your Luck! (There are SEVEN perk effects in total!)

Through play testing though, and getting feedback from our community, we found that most players weren't aware what our perks actually did!
We did add some jingles that explain what the perk does when your're stood near the machine.. But we know when you're in the thick of the chaos, you don't really have the time to stand around listening to jingles ha!

Here is the jingle for the "Random" perk machine. This machine can literally drop random perks and weapons at a lower cost:

We had a TONNE of fun making the jingles, however we figured, let's make it super super SUPER clear via an in-game context.
Now, Kaylee (Our main character) will give a quip when picking up a perk. We had our voice artist record each line several times, so you may also end up getting different variations of the same explanation:

For some lines, such as for the "MagJuice" perk (magnetizes all loot to the player) we also had the voice artist add some extreme playful personality to the voice line with some chortles afterwards:

And we also have the Dev Team's FAVOURITE perk - "Unleashed" which expands your view and grants you extra running speed:

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for these awesome voice lines in the latest release of the Bubblegum Zombie hunter DEMO 2.5.1, available for FREE now!


BGZH-2.5.1 STANDALONE.zip 124 MB
May 21, 2022
BGZH-2.5.1 INSTALLER.exe 136 MB
May 21, 2022

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