Designing a Title Screen


This is the old title screen(above) and overall I liked it and it served a purpose. But a lot has happened since the original prototype and a lot of changes have been made to where I don't feel this title screen reflects the game you are about to play anymore. The main reason is we're going to be adding two player co-op, so an additional character is being added to the campaign and story. The other reasons are, the block colour of the background feels quite bland, the character art is taking up way too much of the space which leave us with very little room for anything else before the screen starts to feel cluttered. 

Here is the rough idea for the new title screen 

So as you can see, there is now the addition of the second character Maddie (orange hair) her presence is important now as it reinforces what players can expect right from the start screen which is "hey, I could play this with a friend". At this time the co op story is locked for the demo as it's something that will take a lot of time to implement,  However, showing it on the title screen gives another important message to anyone trying out the demo, it shows a basic "road map" to our end goal, and shows players what more they can expect from the final game.

Other changes have been to scale the character art down a little, pulling the camera away and giving a wider look at the characters makes it feel less in your face. Adding the white stripe through the center breaks up the block colour and gives the eyes somewhere to rest. Scaled down the logo slightly to give more important space for the options below, and finally changed the background colour to a cool blue, more easy on the eyes but also more associated with bubblegum, and of course pink bubbles look nicer on blue too. 

Overall the new changes make the title screen feel bigger and more spacious without changing much. The character art still uses a large portion of the screen but overall the composition is improved and gives the front end a fresh feel whilst also provides players with important information and expectations at a quick glance. 

Being able to deliver important messages and information to players without making it feel like an advert is super important as it lets players get excited in their own way without feeling like they are being sold to. 

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