Level Design & Summoner!

Designing The Graveyard

When designing a new level we use a program called Tiled. Its a great bit of software that allows use to quickly rough out ideas using the tilesets for the levels. Doing this gives us a place to start and once these foundations are laid, the level grows and changes as we progress. It's a very liquid process and nothing is ever "set in stone" on paper before we begin. 

Adding Enemies

For each level, the player will be introduced to a new threat. The Summoner (below) is a new concept enemy that has evolved a lot over time. Originally the grave yard was to be roamed by a grave keeper that carried a lantern and would  attack you with crows that were always sat on his hunched back. Fearing he was too similar to another boss character (Mr Crawley - Demo) we thought the grave keeper could be iterated on more. 

The Summoner is an enemy that carries a bell on his shovel. The bell is a reference to safety graves in the 1800's that used to have bells on them. People that were wrongfully buried alive during a cholera outbreak, could signal the grave keeper to dig them up, in case anyone was unfortunate enough to wake up inside a coffin... sadly... this was a regular occurrence. Fun fact: the term "dead ringer" & "graveyard shift" have been said to have derived from these Victorian era safety coffins.  

With our enemy, he uses the bell to summon zombies from the ground in droves. He will be a nuisance to players but can be killed if you dish out enough damage.

Here is the older concept of Crypt keeper Jones. I still like this concept and there is an opportunity to possible utilize this idea in a later level, with some changes of course, but for now, old Jonesy is permanently on the graveyard shift.  

Lastly here's a look at a new zombie that resides in the graveyard. All the zombies are currently going through a visual upgrade and will take on a taller more menacing look. these new designs will be more fitting with Kaylee's updated sprite.


If you are interested in seeing more of this process, we live stream our work daily in our discord group, coding, art, animation whilst listening to music and having a chat. it's a chilled environment and is a great way to get involved with us more. hope to see you there.  

Discord invite - https://discord.gg/pazjqH5AbE

You can find more info on our website too at www.bubblegumzombie.com 

Brendan Toy - Creative Lead - Project Level Studios.

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