The Locations of Bubblegum Zombie Hunter

Throughout Bubblgum Zombie Hunter Kaylee will travel all over Gloomhaven.
I like games that create a character out of the locations and Gloomhaven is a town that has a bunch of character. Like a homage to 80's horror mixed with Tim Burton styling , I wanted to create a trip through a colorful nightmare. 
The story is wacky and absurd, so the locations need to join that aesthetic  here is a selection of some of the concepts for four of the areas in the game. 
One of which is Kaylee's bedroom, which will serve as a small tutorial area and will have things change about it as you play. think of it like a hub where every time you come to continue your game, you will start it from Kaylee's "room menu" 


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Jul 24, 2021

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